Front Up 2016, Firstdraft, Sydney

  • Amber Koroluk-Stephenson : How nature puts it, 2016, collaborative installation with The Connell, mixed mediumsHow nature puts it 2016, collaborative installation with The Connell, mixed mediums, dimensions variable, photograph by Zan Wimberley
  • Amber Koroluk-Stephenson : Front Up, installation view, 2016, Front Up installation view, 2016, photograph by Zan Wimberley

Front Up

Group exhibition by artists Theia Connell, Grace Herbert and Amber Koroluk-Stephenson. The show examines the façade as the material output of a myriad of forces at work within our social fabric.

Ideologies are often portrayed through outward appearances, positioning the façade as a potent site for exploring imagined realities. However, surfaces can be deceitful, the built environment is saturated with materials that aren’t what they claim to be. Many of these deceptions are well known, and widely accepted, praised for their ability to stand in for something less achievable, reminding us of what is more desirable.

Front Up seeks to address the disingenuous nature of ubiquitous materials, surfaces and structures within the urban landscape. Positioning these materials as both metaphor for, and output of, contemporary social conditioning.